About Our Organization

North American Gem Carvers, as a dealer of lapidary art, represents a consortium of artists whose work is a major catalyst for the current renaissance in gem carving. North American Gem Carvers brings together a wide range of creative styles that blend the spirit of the gemstones with the inspiration of the artists. On the cutting edge of lapidary art, their artistry transcends the moment, evoking the spirit, light and life of the gemstones. As new artists and creations emerge, we promise to continually enchant and surprise our clientele with innovative work of the finest quality.

North American Gem Carvers offers the highest quality lapidary art and brings together a broad spectrum of immensely talented and highly accaimed lapidary artists. We cater to the serious collector, both individual and corporate. Whether an investment or a family heirloom, we guarantee every creation to be an original signed masterpiece. North American Gem Carvers' art work is presented at international gem shows, exclusive galleries, museums and by private appointment.

North American Gem Carvers' commitment is to delight and inspire through the brilliant compositions of these highly acclaimed, award-winning gem carvers. North American Gem Carvers is a new generation of artists using an old tradition to fulfill Nature's trust. Contact North American Gem Carvers representative Philip E. Louer, Jr. at 540.953.7001, fax 540.953.7003, or write contact@northamericangemcarvers.com.

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