Item : MC-45  
Artist : Michael Christie  
Title : When Dreams Come True  
Materials : Brazilian aquamarine (120 cts) essene bottle on a base of Russian white jade (530 cts) and 18k yellow gold. Bottle features of internal carving of temple by Susan Allen. Pendant/dipper is a 12.4mm Tahitian black pearl with paraiba tourmaline and 0.2mm diamond accents and 18k yellow gold. Accent stones include two 7mm Tahitian black pearl earrings and 3 paraiba tourmalines with a total weight of 0.75 cts. Bottle tilts back on jeweled, 18k yellow gold hinge to reveal hidden compartment for earring backs. Bottle comes apart to form separate pieces of wearable jewelry.  
Dimensions : H: 90mm W: 53mm D: 50mm  
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